What's good about a Tuesday?

It's transformation day of course!

This one wasn't done by us...it was done by my talented dad!
He loves doing this stuff as much as we do!

He found a great solid pine dresser that was in excellent condition and perfect for a makeover!

He decided on a walnut stain and black pain combo.

It is so rich looking!

The knobs against the black drawers are stained walnut and the knobs against the stained drawers are black. Gives it some pizzazz without being over the top!

and the grain really pops now!

This ended up being a really amazing transformation!

This guy is available right now!

Email us to snag it!

Have a great rest of the day!!

So it's been a long time since we had one of these...


So, we found this plain little box at Goodwill..
It had zero personality and was looking pretty hopeless when we first laid eyes on it.

We wanted to do something classic but give it a bit of a rustic vibe.


We changed the handles.

and added some bronze castors.

and turned it into this..

Now it's the perfect little trunk for the end of the bed to store linens in or as a coffee table to store all of your movies and remotes.. 
I've already planned it all out for the potential owner!

So there yah have it!
We're sorry we dropped the ball on the Transformation  Tuesdays!
We're doing our best to bring it back!

Ellen's Design Challenge

This is a delayed post but hey, its been a weird week..

Have you guys been watching Ellen's Design Challenge?

I don't know about you guys, but it has been exciting the crap out of me!
Ellen + Furniture Design = solid gold (in my humble opinion..)

On the latest episode, the designers and their handy dandy carpenters had to create multi-functional furniture and the creativity and skill these people have has completely blown my mind and reminded me why I absolutely love furniture, decor and design so much.

Contestant, Vivian Beer's multi-purpose chair/serving table was my fave.
The fact that it is so useful but is a beautiful statement piece with the interlocking teak "fingers" is sheer brilliance.

My other faves so far on the show are these:

How awesome would this detailed, wooden, "tire" swing be?
I'm so small I could just curl into a ball and sleep in this thing!

This bed is so quirky and fun. Love this!

And my absolute fave so far is this beauty..


All have a mid-century vibe and are up my alley!

Anyway, just felt this way worth sharing today so there yah have it!
If you're not watching, you should check it out!

Black Cherry

Happy Thursday!

So if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you have probably already seen this gal:

She was in pretty good shape and the best part..
She's solid pine.

Hard to find these days...

I could tell this one belonged to a kiddo because of the hellishly sticky patches in the shape of Hello Kitty left behind in a desperate attempt to remove the evidence.
(I used to be a fan of decorating my bedroom furniture with stickers. That was about as far as I could take my love of decorating at the time so I used the resources I had; Sorry, Ma.)

She did have lots of shallow dings and scuffs but because pine is so soft, we were able to smooth them out with no major issues.

So we set off to create a plan for this beauty!
We are always fans of pretty white furniture accented with classic dark walnut stain.
If you flip back through our portfolio, you will see a lot of that.

This time, we wanted to try something new.
Something a little out of the comfort zone.

Here's the idea board we assembled:

The black paired with the black cherry stain looks incredibly rich.
I know I always say this but I think it's my new favorite..

So with a plan set in motion, we got down to prepping and staining.

The finished product is pretty dang nice..

There yah go!

Another successful makeover!

If you want to catch the whole process, we have a little video on our Facebook page!

here's another before and after for you..

Nesting Tables

Going with the granny chic vibe from our last post..
we had a wonderful new client ask us to refinish her grandma's old nesting tables!

(forgot to take a before so this is all we had, sorry!)

She has had them for a while and had been planning on refurbishing them at some point..
we are sure glad we could help her spiff them up!

The existing finished had to be stripped and boy-oh-boy, whoever last refinished them did one heck of a job because it took two full days to get these babies prepped and ready for paint!

She chose to go with a sleek black and boy was it a good choice!
The black really brought out the pretty shape of the spindles.

It's crazy what a difference a good prep sesh and a few coats of paint will do!

They turned out great!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

How many of you remember visiting grandma 
and how many of you still remember her decor to a T?

Those crocheted blankets and pillow covers and those doilies on almost every surface?
And those big, old china cabinets that were bursting full of random knick-knacks, matching bone china and glass figurines?

Remember the furniture that, at the time, seemed old and outdated?
Well, now a lot of us would give anything to have that furniture because now we know it was most likely high quality, unique, and most importantly, not mass produced by The Brick. 

Well, guess what?
Granny was onto something.

"Granny Chic" is a thing in the world of decor.
A pretty big thing.

An eclectic mix of grandma's meaningful pieces with newer, modern accents thrown in can result in a pretty neat look.
You'll either love it or hate it and though it's not my typical style, I have to say, if done right, it's pretty awesome.

All the detail in that old furniture is amazing.
The spindles and the carving and detail that went into that woodwork is phenomenal.
The quality wasn't even comparable to the stuff you find at most big box stores where they are plastered with particle board and veneer (our worst nightmare).
Though the 70's was full of that stuff, furniture that dates further back than that was usually of really amazing quality and craftsmanship.

DON'T throw it out!!!
We will hunt you down.

So no, not ALL of grandmas choices or some of the styles of her time were a home-run,
but that's what's so fun about decorating like this, you can pick and choose the parts you do you like and leave the rest.

So before you disregard grandmas decor choices,
take a look at the latest decor magazines and you'll see what a warm, cozy vibe you can get by taking some pointers from her.

And take it from us, you will NEVER find furniture like hers again..
unless it belonged to somebody else's grandma..

 So if you get the privilege of inheriting her old tables,
thank your lucky stars..
you most likely have an underrated gem on your hands.

Thanks, Grandma.